Monday, February 27, 2012

Peep Progress

The January hatch is now outside in the coop without heat lamps.  Fully feathered and looking nice.  I think my mystery chick is a cockerel.  The first hatched leghorn cross is probably also a cockerel - judging by the large red pea comb he's sporting; however, his feather pattern is silver hen with patches of white.

The February hatch is in the final stages of feathering.  The two groups of Euskal Oiloa are looking pretty good.  Variety of color and pattern on these birds is simply gorgeous.  I can't wait to see what they look like in a few more weeks.  Based on feather colors it looks like I have about four cockerels with the remainder pullets.  Hopefuly I will know for certain before the TSC Swap in Midlothian on March 10th.

Here is a picture of the older peeps followed by a picture of the peep four days younger.

The Serama are doing well too.  Variety of sizes and colors.  Here is a picture taken last weekend when they were only a week old.  Two tiny and two small.

As for my last hatch, the eggs are at the half way mark.  Only one silkie egg looks like it is developing, the remaining four have separated air sacks and did not develop.  The same thing happened with the Holland eggs.  I am so disappointed but there is a chance I'll be able to find another half dozen Holland eggs this summer.  This breed is so rare right now it is crucial that anyone who can, try to save them.

The Silver Ameraucana, Bearded Buff Laced Polish and Black Langshan eggs are all progressing nicely.   Lockdown in one week.  This will be my last hatch until the chickens reach point of lay in late summer, early autumn or perhaps next spring.

My layer flock chicks from McMurray will arrive at the end of March; then it is a wait until the chicks are old enough (4 months) for the Pullorum and AI tests.     A pair (or trio) of Serama youngsters (6 months more or less) should also arrive sometime in May.  Can't wait!

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