Saturday, February 11, 2012

February Hatch Has ARRIVED!

The February hatch has arrived!  Nine Euskal Oiloa peeps, five lavender Ameraucana, two EE mixes and four Serama.   One little Serama almost didn't make it.  He was the last to arrive during the night and when I checked the incubator this morning, I found him upside down and stuck to the mat.  Poor baby!  After carefully moistening the mat to un-stick him, he had trouble finding his feet.   With a little help from a circle of eggs, he learned how to use those legs.  Finally, he is in the brooder with his siblings.   I call him the fourth Musketeer.

First Three Serama chicks hatched 2-10-12

Fourth Musketeer on the far left.

Brooder full of peeps.

"This food is mine, all mine!"

Serama Peep

First hatched Serama - the peep with attitude!
Lavender Ameraucana Day Old Peep
Euskal Oiloa (Basque Hen) Day Old Peep

The January hatch chicks have moved to their new digs too.   The gang loved having all that room to move around.   For some reason they ignored the feeder to scratch in the bedding.  Silly chicks!    Some of them have developed good sized, red colored combs.  I  suspect they are roosters but we'll have to wait and see.  The two clean legged splash marans chicks (I think one is a hen, one a roo) will be available at the first Powhatan TSC Swap meet on March 31st.   See you there!

Clean Legged Splash Marans Pullet

Splash Marans (clean leg cockerel in front) and Silver Leghorn/EE pullets.

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