Thursday, May 27, 2010


As we enjoy our time off work, picnics with friends and family, please remember those who are far from home in service to this country..   Thank you to all of those who make this sacrifice for every one of us.   Miss you Dad.

And here are some pictures from around the farm.  The sweet corn is waist high and potatoes are growing fast.  Buckwheat is in flower and getting ready to set seed.  Tomatoes already have green fruits.  Basil is leafing out fast and garlic is almost ready for harvest.   Ah, I can almost TASTE summer!

This picture doesn't do justice to the vibrant purple stems of the Peacock Broccoli.

Saturday, May 8, 2010

First Day at Goochland Farmers Market

Today was our first day the Goochland Farmers Market.  It was incredibly windy but the tent stayed in place.  Too windy to bring the tri-loom.  My apologies to anyone who was looking forward to learning how it works.  Perhaps the next time!

Sold lots of eggs, some lettuce blend and iris plants.   Lots of nice people, both vendors and customers.  A thank you to all who purchased our products (hope you enjoyed them!) and to those who took the time to answer questions and help.  What a great bunch of people!

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Da Hubby Rocks!

This post is dedicated not to all the women who shepherd, but the hubbies who support them!  You guys ROCK!

Everyone knows how hard shepherds work, particularly when they're men.  But what about the ladies and the non-shepherd men who love them?  Like many other farm hubbies, mine does a fair amount of work around the farm, repairing fences, keeping weeds under control, fussing with tools and machinery, but few go beyond that.   Of course he loves to grow veggies, particularly when it comes to corn.  But start talking sheep - his eyes glaze over and he begins to nod off.   

So why does he rock?  Well, not only does he make a mean lamb kebab, but his grilled pork baby back ribs are to DIE for.  And what can you say about a guy who sits patiently in a hot car with an impatient wife, crawling along a one mile stretch of road for an hour, waiting to get into a Sheep and Wool Festival I'm sure he could care less about.  Sure, part of it is that he doesn't want me to overspend (BTW Ladies, this works.  If your guy says he doesn't want to go, it's a free pass to buy all the goodies you want!) but the other part is he knows I value his good eye for conformation and fiber.  And he can sure pick 'em.

However, that isn't what makes him so great; it's the fact that my guy, who laughs at folks who dress their pets in costumes or clothing, just helped me dress our sheep in their Matilda jackets.  And didn't laugh when they were done!

Thanks honey!