Thursday, September 20, 2012

Bad Broody!!!

So sad today.   Went out this morning to check on the penned birds and found the two peeps huddled together in the nest crate...dead.   After chasing the Lebar broody off the nest last week, the Leghorn cross decided she was tired of brooding the chicks and slept on the perch with the others last night, leaving the chicks to fend for themselves.  Of course it was only 57 degrees overnight.

Luckily, five more Legbar eggs are going into lockdown in the bator tonight.  I'm definitely not trusting this group again with brooding their own.

Tuesday, September 18, 2012

First Legbar Peeps!

Two of the girls in the Legbar breeding pen decided to go broody and hatch some eggs.   They hatched out four but two didn't survive the cooler night temps we've recently experienced.  There are also six more eggs in the bator set to hatch on Monday.  So far they are all still alive. 

This is Legbar, the rooster with two of his ladies.  The hen to the left is a cream legbar, the hen on the bottom a silver leghorn/EE cross.

The leghorn cross is the second broody in this batch.  She lays white eggs which we removed from the nest.

And the cream legbar hen, Lily, puffed up and trying to intimidate the!  She has warned the chicks to take cover, which they did under the Rubbermaid lid in their "play area."