Saturday, May 28, 2011

What's new on the farm...

First I would like to wish everyone a safe and happy Memorial Day weekend; with a special thank you to all our military members - Airforce, Army, Coast Guard, Marines and Navy.   No telling where or who we would be as a nation without them.

Now for the news!  We had a surprise lamb - a natural color Coopworth x BFL ewe lamb.  Her name is Dove and she's a keeper.   Picture will be posted as soon as I find my camera :)   Giselle, our last BFL ewe is still available for purchase.  Selene's natural color ram lamb, Laingcroft's Jasper, is also available as a spinner's flock lamb.  He is a Coopworth x BFL lamb with some nice fleece and a well muscled conformation - pictured below.

If you have been looking for us at the Goochland Farmers Market this year, we didn't sign up.   Apparently there was rift among the market organizers.  With all the claims and counter-claims, flurry of emails and discord, farmers made other plans and the market was cancelled for 2010.  With this event hampering our market efforts, we have decided to look for new opportunities in 2012.   If you miss our delicious eggs and specialty produce, please let us know.  We might be able to arrange a local delivery.   If you would like to see a CSA program, let us know that too.

The bunnies are busy doing what bunnies do.   The last litters before "summer break" are starting to arrive.   We still have two youngsters available from our March litters.  If you are interested in a white rabbit, follow the bunny link from our website.

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