Sunday, May 8, 2011

Happy Mother's Day all the Moms.   

It was a gorgeous sunny day here in P'town   I spent it putting out all the sunflower, tomato, bean, cucumber, squash, and melon seedlings.   Technically it's a little early - last frost date is May 15th - but I just had to get them out of the greenhouse.   Thinned the beets and enjoyed a delicious dish of steamed beet tops with the dinner cooked by my daughter.    

Basil seeds were started and second mounding of the potatoes was completed.  Some of the early spinach has bolted and peas are blooming like mad.  The corn is about 5 inches tall.  Can't wait for those first harvests!  

Next week the ram twins are getting weaned.   It's going to be very noisy around here.

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