Sunday, June 12, 2011

Hot and Humid

Some of the plants are loving it.   The iris in the water garden trough finally bloomed.  What a beautiful flower!

We even have a couple of figs starting on our Brown Turkey.   Can't wait to get a ripe one.

The rosemary is quite as happy with this weather.   I think it likes things a little more dry.  However, it is sending up fragrant shoots and tonight we're eating pork roast with a dijon and apricot glaze with rosemary.   Side dish - rosemary and red potatos.   MMMMMmmmm!

Here are some other pictures taken around the gardens.  I love the solidago (golden rod) in the first picture.  Have to find more of this plant or divide it a few times for a nice bed.

And just one of the butterflies that visit our buttefly garden.

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