Friday, April 22, 2011

Spring's Feverish Activity

Many years ago, our place was part of a much larger farm.  Over time it became part of the "back forty" and overgrown.  As the years rolled by, trees took over from the weeds.  Eventually the land was harvested for pine trees and subdivided into ever smaller parcels.  When we've cleaned up and cleared portions of the property we've found a variety of relics that give testament to this past:  old horse shoes, bottles from companies that no longer exist and most recently, an old single blade plow of the type that used to be drawn by a horse or ox.  This week John fabricated and welded an attachment that would allow us to re-use this old farm tool on our garden tractor.  (see his blog Red, Hot & Blue Rods for his car projects).  For the first time we were able to turn all the manure - (green and animal - in less than a month as it would take by  hand with a pitchfork.  Over the newly tilled soil we've broadcast seeds for summer's green manures - hairy vetch and buckwheat.  The green manures will grow up between the crops and push out the weeds.

With the past few days of sunny, dry weather we've finally been able to plant the corn.  Bean seedlings will follow soon.  The asparagus is still going strong, though I am getting a little sick of it now.  Peas and red cabbage are growing well under row covers.  Spinach and lettuce in the greenhouse are ready for harvest while the spinach planted outside is holding its own.

Tomato and Bean Pics

Lambs are growing well and putting on fleece and weight.   Giselle and her ram twins will all be available for  purchase on June 1.  She is priced at $350 and the lambs will be priced based on weight.   I am keeping Selene's two black lambs - Onyx (ewe) and Jasper (ram.)   The sale of Symphony's fleece fell through so I will be posting pictures and prices soon.  We won't be attending the Maryland Sheep and Wood Festival this year.  We have a prior family commitment.   I'll be sorry to miss all my favorite yarn and fleece vendors.

Well it's time to go feed the critters and prepare dinner for the humans.  I hope everyone has a wonderful Easter and Passover.


  1. We just ate our first asparagus of the year Thursday.

  2. We put them under row cover to help warm things up a little earlier than they would without.