Sunday, April 10, 2011

Skirting Fleeces

I was finally able to skirt the fleeces this afternoon.  With the wind and rain over the past few days I didn't think I would ever get it done.   Giselle managed to get an unusual amount of VM in her fleece this year.   Luckily most of it was around her neck so it was easy enough to remove that wool.  As for the rest, I pulled as much as I had the patience for.  The price for her fleece will be lower than usual.  Of course this is probably the last fleece I will get from her if she is sold when the rams are weaned.

The ram lambs fleeces are showing a wonderful purl from Piper.   If we still have them by October's shearing, the fleeces should be beautiful.

Selene's lambs are growing like weeds.  Their fleece is so mottled with blue swirls that I can't wait to see how the wool spins out.   Right now the wool is too short to know if the purl carries through. Their coats are certainly dense and springy though.

Symphony's fleece is currently spoken for; however, if it is not picked up this weekend it will be posted on the website.   Absolutely lovely as always.

Next nice day I'm going to have to take some current pictures around the farm.

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