Saturday, December 5, 2009

White Christmas!

Okay, so maybe it's not Christmas...but we have snow!   It rained most of the morning; then around 2:00 it started with that granular wintery mix (yuk!) but now it's snowing with those big, fluffy flakes.  Love it!   Here is a picture taken earlier when it was just starting to stick to the ground.   Now there's a bit more white on the grass, but too dark for photos.

Technically it's a Christmas present, but I had to play with the new triangle loom.   I even dragged it out to the porch to take a picture.   The stand was made by John.   What a guy!

I was supposed to work on my newest story, working title "Haunted," but just couldn't seem to settle down and focus on it today.   Instead it was cleaning and preparing for Christmas.  I even reorganized my nailpolishes by color!  (Did I mention I'm an obsessive organizer?)   Here's a picture of the collection along with some sheepie collectibles too.  Notice there are some spaces that could be filled in....*evil grin here*        Tomorrow, weather permitting, we finish putting up the lights and the tree. 

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