Saturday, December 26, 2009

First Shawl Completed!

Here is a picture of the first shawl completed on my new triangle loom.   A total of 16 hours to weave from start to finish, two hours alone for the nine inch fringe.   Woven of baby acrylic and nylon eyelash yarn, it is a loose weave, but still very soft and warm.   Wore it  yesterday for Christmas.   Now to move on to the woolen shawls.

Hope everyone had a wonderful holiday!  I'm looking forward to the New Year.   Already planning the gardens...first seed catalog arrived in today's mail.


  1. Nice work and beautiful colors! I love the long fringe. It's nice how quickly those triangle shawls go and how much of the yarn stash they use up too.

  2. Beautiful shawl, Tru. Now make one in BFL for the BSG.

  3. Hi, I found your blog through Becky's blog. Your shawl is lovely! And I enjoyed reading through your blog. The story about your bloody nose sounds like something that could happen to me! I just hope I remember next time I go to turn a feed pan over.