Tuesday, November 3, 2009

The K9 Rogues of Laingcroft

Introducing the K9 Rogue's Gallery of Laingcroft...

First we have the Freeloaders.  These are the dogs that don't really have a job to do, but we love them anyway.  There is our Boomerang Baby, the Portuguese Water Dog.  Try to throw something away, she brings it back.  She is the Clown, a neurotic nut case, instigator, and comic relief.   Then we have the West Highland White Terror, also known as the Enforcer.  A regular running dynamo, he is our resident tennis ball de-flocker and K9 cleanup crew.  The Dyson has nothing on this living vacuum when it comes to crumbs on the floor.

We actually have working dogs too, though at first glance, they are a lot less active than the Freeloaders.  Our rescue Border Collie falls into both categories since she lives in the house, but still earns her keep.   Inside she is the Queen of the Pillows (or any other soft surface), outside she is the Flock Master.

Guarding the goats is our Anatolian Shepherd, who is also death to chickens.   We are trying to find the right home for her - with goats and people to love, but no free ranging chickens to chase.

Her daughter, an Anatolian/Maremma cross is an excellent sheep guardian and general Shepherd's Helper.   This actually means she is a glove and tool thief extraordinaire with a knack for getting in the way.


Her sire, a Maremma, is simply King of the Farm.


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