Saturday, November 14, 2009

Ark Not Needed!

It's finally stopped raining and OMG...sun has actually broken through the clouds!  The miserable wet and wind weary flock has rushed out to gobble up all the lush green grass.

For awhile I thought I was going to have to build an ark and load the animals two by two.   I think Virginia was hit with more rain from Ida than Alabama where it came ashore.   The trees have been stripped bare with few exceptions...and of course all the leaves are filling the house gutters to overflowing.

The crepe myrtle near the arbor gate is the only one left showing full color in beautiful shades of peach blush and gold.  I'll have to gather some of those seed pod clusters for an autumn wreath as soon as they dry out.

In the garden the garlic is showing green tops and winter peas are starting to flower.   Up against the fence we have a rogue nasturtium that is just mid-November!  I think it's a little confused.

For laughs, I couldn't resist this picture of our resident commedienne...Selene.   She is one of two natural colored Coopworth ewes we acquired from Deer Run in the spring.
  Can't wait to get my hands on that fleece.

And speaking of fleece...and triangle loom (an early Christmas present) has arrived!  Can't wait to get going on some lovely shawls and afghans.

Off to weave...

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