Monday, October 29, 2012

When one door closes, another one opens...

For over a decade, John and I raised sheep and goats for their fiber.  As those of you who have followed us over the years know, in 2009 we decided to expand our farm into a commercial venture, but soon found ourselves trying to raise things we thought the public would want.  In doing so, we weren't true to ourselves or our farm.  Too many of those things didn't grow well here, they needed consistent rainfall, different soils, and more intensive management - not an easy task when we also have full time jobs.  Not always growing what we are familiar with led too many times to wasting food we didn't know how to prepare, nor did we ever have enough of what we did like.  Toss in the time needed to tend to livestock management, and it just became too much to handle. 

It was time to start working smarter and not harder!  With that epiphany, our focus changed and we officially closed the farm business earlier this month..  Now we will be farming always with the our TABLE in mind.  The only livestock we'll manage going forward are chickens and  honeybees.  

With the closing of Laingcroft Farm LLC (the business) we needed a new farm name -- Girandole Farm.   If you wish to follow along with us on our new path, feel free to follow along at the new blog .... 

Thank you!

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