Monday, September 5, 2011

Last of the Harvest

Growing Season 2011 was definitely one wild ride.   From heavy rains and cold temps in the spring to high temps, tornados, earthquakes and Hurricane Irene by season's end.  We learned what, when and where not to plant for future years and have re-evaluated our goals.  

Sheep will be departing and honey bees will be arriving.   We're also going to focus more on small fruits for canning and preserving.  As always, flavor and nutrition will be key factors in determining what crops to go, but we are also going to aim for those that preserve well.   We're still proponenents of eating fresh, seasonal and local; but the fact is we still have to eat in the winter and we'd rather not shift back to the produce grown for shipping conformity over food value.

This weekend we finished the last of our fingerling potatoes.  These are definitely a 'do again' item.   I loved the creamy golden texture and the size is perfect for grilling or slicing for potato salad.   The make pretty good mashed potatoes too, especially with roasted garlic!  MMmmm!

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