Thursday, July 21, 2011

I'm melting....melting....(said with the best Wicked Witch of the West voice)

I don't know how folks in the midwest have stood for 28 days or more of this heat.   It's only been the second day over 90 degrees and already I can't take it.  Of course the air conditioner in the car decided to call  it quits and my commute is an hour and a half.   All the animals are suffering.  The sheep are panting in the shade and the livestock guardian dog is alternating between digging huge pits and soaking in this kiddie pool in an effort to stay cool.  Even the chickens and quails are panting.

The corn is gone.  Squash, pumpkins and melons are all wilting even though I am hand watering each morning.   Beans look like they're ready to call it quits too and the tomatoes have petered out.   Unfortunately we put them in a bad location this year.

Only four more days of this they say...

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