Thursday, August 12, 2010

Time to Streamline!

With a season of selling at the farmers market behind us, we have decided to reduce our workload and focus on growing produce.   We are offering our bluefaced leicester sheep for sale.  For anyone looking for a nice breeding trio, or a  small spinners flock this is your chance.   Details, photos and prices will soon be posted on our website sale page.

Don't forget the Powhatan Farms Tour scheduled for September 25th!  We hope to see you then.   


  1. Hi, Hope you are enjoying the rain we had today. Hope it's not too little too late. My husband and I met you yesterday at the Chicken Swap at The Tractor Store. He wanted to buy one of your black chickens but he was a little late as someone bought them all up when he ran into the tractor store for a bit. He sure loved your beautiful chickens. And it was nice to meet you.

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  3. (REVISION TO CORRECT TYPO) It was nice to meet you and your husband too. Sorry we didn't think to put a hold on the hens. The black and patterned were very popular. We may have more available at the end of next summer, but for now, we're keeping all our hens.