Saturday, June 26, 2010

Latest Addition --- AR's Buttons & Bows

Just brought home THE MOST ADORABLE little bunny from Angela's Rabbitry.   Her name is Buttons & Bows for her bright little button eyes (half blue and half brown) and the smudges of color on the back of her ears that look like a bow tie when viewed from behind with her ears up and forward.

Button is a Vienna Carrier and a broken carrier.  She looks most like a Charlie with pale tan markings (cinnamon?) around her eyes and on her ears. Looks like she tried to apply some eyeshadow.  Cutest of all, she has a little beauty mark below her left eye.   Button is a bit on the tiny side, but she is the friendliest and most curious bunny I've had so far.   Can't wait to see how she matures.

We might have a baby announcement to make on July 4th.   Yes, I was bad - I let the two youngsters (Jazz & Darby) play together in the bunny proofed kitchen a few times last month.  Thought everything was fine as they didn't seem to show much interest in each other and explored in opposite directions.  I didn't witness any illicit activity either or even see them near each other.  However, but bunnies will be bunnies, and I wasn't watching them EVERY second.

Darby has been acting pregnant (grumpy), putting on a little weight, and today started trying to build a nest in her cage (they all have lots of free choice hay.)  I've brought her inside where it's cool and given her a nest box.  We'll see what happens over the next few days.   If she isn't preggers, I'll still be able to breed her to Kinder for September or October kits.  If she is...lesson learned.  Boys and girls do not get to play together!

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